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Landcare is a popular and well-supported partnership project that links governments with communities to protect and rebuild our environment.

Landcare - a strong and proud history

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Landcare was initially first formed near St Arnaud in 1986. Landcare was formed as a result of community interest which was supported by the government. The Minister for Conservation, Joan Kirner, saw the value in community-based organisations. The Minister recognised the potential of having a unified system between landholders undertaking invaluable work that was financially supported by government.

 'Landcare was a government-initiated program, it was based on the notion of a government-community partnership'. (Youl. R, 2006)


Landcare was formed on the understanding that community groups would be driven through organised management and cooperation to reach a defined objective. Landcare was based on the principle that it would allow community to recongnise the needs of their local areas and to undertake projects to improve the health of the land.

Landcare was first formed due to community concern of the increasing dryland salinity. it was recognised that landholders working on their own properties could do little or nothing to manage the problem but by having a more organised approach could control the dryland salinity.

Reference: Youl. R, 2006, 'Landcare in Victoria'.


Fiery Creek - Connecting the Catchment

The Fiery Creek has always had a role in connecting the catchment and communities.

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Keeping an eye on woodland birds

Declining woodland  bird species the Red-capped Robin is back in the Ararat Hills.

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Drought Crew chip in at Cemetery Creek

How long-time landcarer Aileen Banfield got involved revegetating Cemetary Creek  and  why she's thankful the Glenelg Hopkins CMA Ararat Drought Crew have chipped in to help her group stay on top of the weeds there.

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South West Landcare Gathering 2016

Join us on Thursday 23rd June, at the Willaura Memorial Hall.

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Landcare Protects Waterways with Riparian Grants

Two Landcare groups in the Glenelg Hopkins region will be undertaking projects to protect waterways in the Glenelg Hopkins region, after Minister Neville announced the successful Regional Riparian Action Plan (RRAP) grants in Beaufort on Wednesday.

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The Woodland Bird Forum at Dunkeld

An impressive line-up of speakers headlined the Woodland Bird Forum on June 18 drawing a large crowd of those interested in the bird diversity through the region. The event held in Dunkeld Community Centre was hosted by Glenelg Hopkins CMA and Panyyabyr Landcare Group and funded through the Australian Government's National Land

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2015 Annual South West Landcare Gathering

Landcarers from across the region met at Hawkesdale for the 3rd Annual South West Landcare Gathering co-hosted by the CMA and Basalt to Bay Landcare Network. The event was held at the Hawkesdale Memorial Hall on the 28 of May.

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Leila Huebner wins Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2015 Glenelg Hopkins CMA Environmental Achievers Lifetime Achievement Award has been awarded to Leila Huebner of Nelson.

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Environmental Achievers Awards

Glenelg Hopkins CMA Environmental Achievers Awards were held on Friday 19 June at the Hamilton Exhibition and Conference Centre. Nominations were received from across the region recognising individuals, groups and businesses that have made a significant contribution to the environment in south west Victoria.

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