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Glenelg Hopkins CMA has appointed Dion Borg to the role of Regional Landcare Facilitator.

The Glenelg Hopkins Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) works to support Landcare and production groups to adopt sustainable farm and land management practices.

The RLF project aims to support community groups in achieving the Australian Government Caring for our Country (Sustainable Agricultural Stream) outcomes through:

  • promoting the Landcare ethic and sustainable agricultural practices to farmers
  • assisting Landcare and other community groups seek funding, membership and resources for Natural Resource Management activities building capacity and skills

If you or your group are interested in any of the information or would like to discuss a potential project please contact Dion Borg, 5571 2526 or

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Cockchafer Management during dry seasons on farm

One of the more common insect pests encountered on farm during dry seasons such as the two consecutive dry springs recently experienced throughout most of Southwest Victoria, is the black headed cockchafer.

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