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Local Government councils and Glenelg Hopkins CMA share responsibility for natural resource management. 

Eleven local government areas fall wholly or partly in our region.

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The legislated powers, resources and networks of councils make them key partners in achieving many of the desired outcomes in our Regional Catchment Strategy.  

Local councils own and control large parcels of land and are responsible for some roadside vegetation.

The support of local government is vital in many areas of the CMA’s activities, including sustainable agriculture, native vegetation retention, floodplain and drainage management and pest plant and animal control.  

Local councils have a strong history in undertaking on ground works in a variety of areas, utilising their expertise in planning, engineering and mapping.

The role of local government in environmental management has grown significantly. Many councils have, or are in the process of developing, environmental strategies and environmental health reports.

Considerable work has been undertaken to further develop the relationship between the CMA and our local councils. This is important given that councils and CMAs each play a crucial role in responsible natural resource management.

Integrating the Regional Catchment Strategy and associated action plans with the planning schemes of local government will lead to improved natural resource management and land-use planning.  Local government planning schemes offer a way of controlling new development and future land-use change.  Working to ensure natural resource management is considered when developments are proposed is a key part of the integration framework.  This process can be helped through the development of appropriate planning overlays related to action plans and incorporating industry codes of practice within planning schemes.  

Our CMA values its relationships with its municipalities, and regular meetings between senior executives, CMA directors and Councillors ensure strong understanding of each others roles and responsibilities. 

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