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Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning: "Our Catchments, Our Communities" Integrated Catchment Management in Victoria 2016-19

Glenelg Hopkins CMA Climate Change Strategy - Responding to Climate Change in the Glenelg Hopkins Region 2016-2023

Glenelg Hopkins Waterway Strategy 2014-2022

Glenelg Hopkins Soil Health Strategy 2014-2019

Glenelg Hopkins Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-2019

Glenelg Hopkins Regional Landcare Support Strategy 2012-2018

Invasive Animal Strategy 2010-2014

Draft Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy June 2014


Victorian CMAs Actions and Achievements 2015-16

Victorian CMAs Actions and Achievements 2014-15

Victorian CMAs Actions and Achievements 2013-14

Review of 2010-11 Flood Warnings and Response - Comrie Review Dec 2011

Victorian Government Response to the Environment and Natural Resources Committee Enquiry into Flood Mitigation October 2013

Water and Land Use Change Study 2005
Stage 3
Stage 3 Case Studies
Water and Landuse Change Study: Stage 3 - Crawford River Case Study

Water and Land Use Change Study - Final Technical Report (June 2005)

Water Use by Tree Plantations in the Green Triangle: A Review of Current Knowledge


Seasonal Watering Plan 2016-17 - Western Region

GHCMA Seasonal Watering Proposal 2017-18

Regional Weed Plan 2007-2012

South West Estuaries Coastal Action Plan

Glenelg Estuary Management Plan

Fitzroy Estuary Management Plan