Floodplain Management

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Glenelg Hopkins CMA is the Floodplain Management Authority for the Glenelg Hopkins catchment area - see Our Region. This area covers the entire municipalities of:

* Glenelg Shire
* Southern Grampians Shire
* Warrnambool City Council 

Statutory Functions

As Floodplain Management Authority under the Water Act 1989 the CMA has the following functions:

* to find out how far floodwaters are likely to extend and how far they are likely to rise
* to declare flood levels and flood fringe area
* to declare building lines
* to control developments that have occurred or that may be proposed for land adjoining waterways
* to develop and implement plans to take any action necessary to minimise flooding and flood damage
* to provide advice about flooding and controls on development to local councils, the Secretary to the             Department of Infrastructure and the Community.

Flood Knowledge

The CMA has information regarding flooding for a number of places across our region. To look at the available reports and mapping please follow the links below:

Flood Investigation Reports

Flood Mapping

If you have any flood photos, journal entries or information about flooding in your area that you would like to share with us please contact the CMA:

Phone: 03 5571 2526
Fax: 03 5571 2935
Email: planning@ghcma.vic.gov.au

Flood Mapping

Flood Controls on Development

If you are planning to develop your property and you are concerned about flooding, the link below will redirect you to more information. This page provides some insight into the general controls and specific local floodplain development plans for locations available for the Glenelg Hopkins region.

Flood Controls on Development

More Information

If you require more detailed information please contact the CMA for property-specific flood risk and interpretation services. Please follow the link below to our forms and fees page.

Advice Forms

Flood Emergency Information

For flood emergency information contact the Victoria State Emergency Service. Go to www.ses.vic.gov.au or call 132 500.