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Glenelg Hopkins CMA has Waterway Management functions in our region.

Statutory Functions

As Waterway Manager under the Water Act 1989 the CMA has the following functions:

* Protecting and enhancing waterway health
* Designation of waterways
* Managing and issuing licences for certain works or activities on a designated waterway

What are designated waterways

Designated Waterways are declared by the CMA through a publicly gazetted process. This process was undertaken by Glenelg Hopkins CMA in 2001. To find out whether you have a designated waterway on your property please go to Waterway Mapping below.

What are works and activities

Works and activities on or near a waterway can include:

* Building a crossing - culverts, bridge or ford
* Connecting to a waterway by pipe or drain
* Building a jetty
* Cleaning out the waterway - removing weeds and silt

If you are unsure if what you want to do requires a licence from the CMA please send an email to

Waterway Mapping

To find out if a waterway is designated please follow the link below to look at our designated waterway mapping.

Designated Waterway Mapping

Other Approvals

Please note that other approvals may be required whether you are required to get a licence from the CMA or not. Below is a guidance note that can provide some information regarding other approvals that may be required.

Other Approvals - Guidance Note

Licence Application

If you require more detailed information or a licence please contact the CMA. Please follow the link below to our forms and fees page.

Application form