Groundwater Resources

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In parts of the South Western Victoria groundwater is a valuable resource for urban, irrigation and stock and domestic purposes.

In the South West region of Victoria the depth of the aquifers, standing water level in bores, individual bore yields and groundwater quality are principally dependent on the geology and to a lesser extent on rainfall, topography and land use.

Groundwater Management Plans ensure groundwater resources are managed in an equitable manner and ensure the long-term sustainability of the resource. Groundwater management plans are legal documents under the Water Act 1989 and are enforceable under this legislation.

There are three Goundwater Management Plans in the Glenelg Hopkins region

  • Nullawarre: covering aquifers 0-120m in depth from an area east of Warrnambool with the boundary following the Hopkins River approximately 20 km inland from the coast, extends roughly 25 km to the east from this point and back down to the coastline;
  • Yangery: covering aquifers 0-100m in depth from an area located roughly from Warrnambool in the east to between Port Fairy and Yambuk in the west and to 5 kilometres north of Koroit; and
  • Condah: covering aquifers 70-200m in depth from an area centred around Branxholme and extending approximately from Digby in the west, to Macarthur in the east, Myamyn in the south and between Branxholme and Hamilton in the north.